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  1. Karen Calteux

    Hi Maggie,
    We stayed at Oaklawn some years ago. We were talking about you and
    your lovely B&B. Is the kitchen done. Love the colors in the bedrooms.

    Just keeping in touch. Oh, we did biking when we came up.


    • admin

      Hi Karen. Good to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I just came across the rhubarb cake recipe you’d shared with me. It’s that time of year. Have a great summer. Stop by if you are in the Menomonie area. ~ Maggie (Oaklawn Inn)

  2. Thank you for the nice tour of your historic B&B. Joyce and I are looking forward to two nights and three days at your beautiful home.
    You are one of the best kept secrets in Menomonie. I went to church a mile from your home and attended Stout for 6 year and never knew about the Andrew Tainter Farm.

    Gary Mohr

    • admin

      So you’ve finally found Oaklawn. I will do my best to make you and Joyce feel a part of the historical magic that is Oaklawn.
      I’m excited because I have a doe and her new fawn camping out in the small wooded area near by. A glimpse of them is sure to put a smile on your face.
      See you soon. Meomonie has so much to offer. Glad you are able to come and explore. ~ Maggie (Oaklawn Inn)

  3. Orinda

    Maggie, we have just returned home from our (mother/daughter) trip to the Minneapolis/ western Wisconsin area. I asked my daughter what her favorite part of the trip was, and it was hands down our stay at Oaklawn (beat out the Mall of America!). We really enjoyed our stay there. You made us feel very much at home. We appreciated you taking the time to orient us to the area and sharing with us what it offers. Breakfast was delicious! We were sad to have to leave.

  4. Maggie the B & B looks absolutely gorgeous, hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful fall weather!

    • MaggieFoote

      Julie, thank you for the compliments. Yes, Oaklawn is looking better than ever after major redecorating. I call it “paint therapy.” I’ve tried to keep all the wonderful things about Oaklawn and add to them with color and fun. You’ll have to stop by for a tour.

  5. Carol A. Banks

    Maggie, I had some company visit me from the other side of the state, so I took them on a tour of the city this afternoon so they could see the downtown, Mabel Tainter and other historic places. I drove up to your place, too, but they didn’t get out to look. I certainly like what you have on your website, but I wondered if you could put the inn up on Facebook, too? I’ll bet others would enjoy seeing what the place is like this way.

    • MaggieFoote

      Carol, thanks for including Oaklawn in your tour for your friends. Yes, I saw you in the drive, but couldn’t get to the door fast enough to catch you. They could have had a tour. Thanks for asking. I do have a Facebook page so folks can like Oaklawn Inn there, too.

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