March 15th, 2013

“Porch Sitting”
Spring fever isn’t just for school kids rejecting the wearing of a jacket for one more day.  It’s universal.   Well, at least for those of us who live where the earth goes to sleep under a damp gray blanket for several months.  Then comes that one spring morning when the sunrise is golden, the chickadees are practicing their summer song and the air has the smell of damp leaves and mud.  On Oaklawn’s east side is a porch.  I’ve always called it the morning porch because it’s perfect for the first cup of coffee.  The trees are bare, with leaves still to emerge.  The morning sun is building up its strength.  In the chill air,  it pops up over the horizon to send shafts of warmth to melt the sheer film of frost on the glass top table.

This morning I’m watching it snow…again.  Last year, March held a different scenario.  Early riser guests, Lorri Mitchell and Rhonda Christians took advantage of the comfortable porch to chat and enjoy magical warm temperatures and a few  moments before the first text messages begin to dictate the day’s events.
Can’t wait to enjoy a spring morning on the porch.  Some guests come each year, just to sit and breathe.