A History of Innovation
and Craftsmanship

Built in a time of great growth and prosperity, this Inn is the last remaining house of the Oaklawn Stock Farm. This splendid complex was a 518 acre farm with three horse race tracks—two of them covered.  There were several barns, homes and a water tower. All of the buildings had electricity and running water in 1889, just a few years after the light bulb was invented.


Bring Family and
Friends Together

The Oaklawn Inn is the perfect space to bring
family, associates and friends together for a relaxed gathering.
The great room, parlor and dinning room can comfortably
accommodate 25 to 40 individuals

Oaklawn Inn Is Waiting For You!

Relax on the screened in porch and embrace the calm oasis within the cluster of the surrounding trees. It is a place to relax
and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Our Best Rooms

These spaciously bedrooms have comfortable beds and quality linen, so you can rest your head and sleep soundly.


The Grey Room

Both stylish and practical. The antique double metal bed frame gives you the support you need.


The Gold Room

The master bedroom of the Oaklawn Inn has a warm amber glow that emits a feeling of prosperity and style


The Blue Room

The room is comfortable and pleasant and waiting for you to rest your head on its soft pillows.

Adult: 2

The Peach Room

The largest bedroom with an antique metal queen size bed. The milk glass lamps evoke that Victorian farm feel. Click "Book Now: to see more images.


Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

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