Oaklawn Inn Events

The Oaklawn Inn is a lovely venue to bring colleagues, friends, and family together.

Consider the Inn for your next company gathering, retirement celebration, bridal or baby shower, birthday, or anniversary party.

The Inn’s Great Room, Parlor, Wrap-Around Porch, and Dining Room are available for small events of no more than 35 people. This elegant yet casual space will put your guests at ease for an enjoyable gathering. Comfortable seating is available throughout the available rooms.

When scheduling an event, please note that the Inn also accommodates guests staying overnight. They will have access to these spaces as well. If you prefer exclusive use of the venue for your event, you will need to rent the entire house for the day.

the entire house

the event space

The Event Organizer will be responsible for the following:

  • The event space is rented for 4 hours. That time is for the setup, the event and clean up. You must be done and out of the house by the end of the 4th hour. If not, you will be charged $100 for every hour over.
  • All events must be catered. The Oaklawn Inn does not have a professional kitchen. All preparation of the food must be made prior to arrival.
  • All serving platers, dishes and glasses must be provided by the event organizer or caterer.
  • All dirty dishes, glasses and trash must be removed prior to the end of the event time. There are no facilities onsite for cleaning them. Make sure you have the appropriate containers to remove them.
  • Do not move the furniture or decorations.
  • Do not add decorations to the walls or ceiling or put holes in the walls, doors or trim. Do not hang decorations from the chandeliers. They are very old, beautiful and fragile.
  • Communicate to your guests that this is an old house and not handicap accessible. There are 5 steps to the front door.
  • Communicate to your guests there is one bathroom, and it is not handicap accessible.
  • Oaklawn Inn is not a party house. No Dancing, loud or abrasive music will be allowed.
  • The event organizer and their guests must be considerate of the Oaklawn Inn Guests.
  • If Oaklawn Inn personnel determine that the individuals at the event could possibly harm the house, furniture, décor or others they will ask the individuals to leave and possibly close the event down.
  • All events must end by 10pm unless you booked the entire house.
  • Event guests can pull up to the front of the house for drop off and drive their car to a designated parking spaces. Additional parallel parking is available on Technology Drive East Road.
  • No children under 7 years of age, No Pets and No Smoking…No exception.
  • You must clean the space and ensure the space is as it was when you first arrived before the event time is over.
  • There will be a $100 charge for each additional hour.

Please realize that we have limited personnel and are providing access to this beautiful historic house as a service to you and your guests. Please be respectful and conscientious of the house rules. We want you and your guests to have a wonderful time and a memorable event.